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Hello and welcome to my little habitat! I hope you can enjoy your time here.

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You're here, you've made it to Soda's personal website! Yup, that's me all right. Soda. Sodeypoppin. Sodapop. Hey, what's up? Leave a message in my guestbook, or don't. It's up to you.

I guess I'll give a small introduction? My name's Soda (clearly) and I'm a teenager on the internet.

I have a lot of hobbies, mostly to do with artsy things. I draw, paint, code, play music, and write. I also indulge in many kinds of media. I play a lot of videogames, watch shows, buy merchandise... and so on. I really like talking about my interests, so if you'd like to see if we share any, check out my about page!

I've only recently started learning coding, so expect to see a lot of unfinished pages! This site is very much so under construction.

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